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Department of Cognitive Science

ARC Nonword Database

Do you want a list of Nonwords or Pseudohomophones
How many do you want?

Do you want nonwords with :
Do you want nonwords from :
 only orthographically existing onsets  monomorphemic only syllables
 only orthographically existing bodies  polymorphemic only syllables
 only legal bigrams  morphologically ambiguous syllables

Set upper and/or lower limits for selected Nonword properties


Minimum Value

Maximum Value

Number of letters
Neighbourhood size 
Summed frequency of neighbours
Number of body neighbours
Summed Frequency of body neighbours
Number of body friends
Number of body enemies
Summed frequency of body friends
Summed frequency of body enemies
Number of onset neighbours
Summed frequency of onset neighbours
Number of phonological neighbours
Summed frequency of phonological neighbours
Bigram frequency (position nonspecific) - Type
Bigram frequency (position nonspecific) - Token
Trigram frequency(position nonspecific) - Type
Trigram frequency(position nonspecific) - Token
Bigram frequency(position specific) - Type
Bigram frequency(position specific) - Token
Trigram frequency(position specific) - Type
Trigram frequency(position specific) - Token
Number of phonemes

Select the database fields you want in the output:

 Word (W)*  Number of phonological neighbours (NPN)
 Number of letters (NL)  Summed frequency of phonological neighbours (SFPN)
 Number of neighbours  (NN)  Bigram frequency (position nonspecific) - Type (BFNC)
 Summed frequency of neighbours (SFN)  Bigram frequency (position nonspecific) - Token (BFNT)
 Number of body neighbours (NBN)  Trigram frequency (position nonspecific)- Type (TFNC)
 Summed frequency of body Neighbours (SFBN)  Trigram frequency (position nonspecific)- Token (TFNT)
 Number of body friends (NBF)  Bigram frequency (position specific)- Type (BFSC)
 Number of body enemies (NBE)  Bigram frequency (position specific)- Token (BFST)
 Summed frequency of body friends (SFBF)  Trigram frequency (position specific)- Type (TFSC)
 Summed frequency of body enemies (SFBE)  Trigram frequency (position specific)- Token (TFST)
 Number of onset neighbours (NON)  Number of Phonemes (NP)
 Summed frequency of onset neighbours (SFON)  

  * Selecting the Word column for output will also give a PRON column which contains the base-word phonology.



If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

If you use the Nonword Database in your research, we'd appreciate a citation to the following paper:

Rastle, K., Harrington, J., & Coltheart, M. (2002). 358,534 nonwords: The ARC Nonword Database. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 55A, 1339-1362.

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