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Department of Cognitive Science

MACCS Paid Subject Pool

The Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science (MACCS) is always on the lookout for people willing to participate in experiments investigating a number of areas of human cognition. All of these experiments are completely safe; most involve watching briefly presented pictures or words and making judgments about them. Participants are paid $15 per hour (or pro rata) for taking part in these experiments.

Anyone can join the MACCS paid participant pool. People who register will receive emails notifying them about experiments they can sign up for.

The main focus areas of the research conducted at the Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science are visual cognition, language and belief formation. The language research interests of the centre aim to discover how people recognise spoken and written words and how they in turn produce speech and spell. The research on visual cognition aims to discover the mechanisms underlying people's ability to understand rapidly presented visual stimuli, such as pictures and words. The belief formation research examines how people form beliefs, evaluate them and accept or reject them.

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