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Department of Cognitive Science

Members of the Department of Cognitive Science

The Department of Cognitive Science is also the host department for the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders, which brings together researchers from the Departments of Cognitive Science, Psychology and Linguistics at Macquarie University and thirteen other national and international institutions.

Heads of Department

Professor John SuttonHead of Department - Professor Genevieve McArthur

The goal of my research is to understand the causes, treatment, and assessment of reading and language impairments in children. In collaboration with colleagues, students, and industry partners, I use treatment studies that examine the causal relationships between reading impairments and deficits in auditory processing, phonological processing, working memory, and self-esteem; and I develop standardised and normed assessments for reading in children. I am also interested in developing new methods for measuring brain responses in children that are less threatening than conventional methods.

Professor John SuttonDeputy Head of Department - Professor John Sutton

I work on the history, philosophy, and sciences of memory, and on the theoretical foundations of the cognitive sciences. Current projects with my collaborators and students in the department and in other disciplines address collaborative recall; perspective in autobiographical memory; embodied skills and expert movement; cognitive history; and distributed or extended cognition.

Professor John SuttonDeputy Head of Department - Professor Mark Williams

I am interested in the way the brain generates the perceptual reality we 'see'. I use both novel objects and more familiar stimuli such as faces and scenes to examine the areas of the brain involved in perception. I also use novel analysis techniques such as multi-voxel pattern analysis to 'read-out' how the brain perceives the world.


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