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Department of Cognitive Science

News and Events

Here you can find information on awards and recognition earned by centre members. This can be (but not limited to) media appearances, grants awarded, external appointments, awards and PhD graduations.

For information about grants awarded to MACCS, refer to our Research pages.

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Recent news


  • Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Higher Degree Research Supervision (2014), Nickels, L.
  • 2nd Place, Macquarie University 3 Minute Thesis Competition (2014), Gelding, R. [Link]
  • Promotion to Lecturer (Level B) (2014), Robidoux, S.

External Appointments

  • Professor Lyndsey Nickels - Fellow, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. (2014 continuing)

PhD Completions

  • Dr Nora Fieder - The representation of nouns in the mental lexicon: Evidence from brain-impaired and normal speakers..
  • Dr Bianca de Wit - A fresh look on semantic priming effects..
  • Dr Wei He - Development of face processing in the human brain..
  • Ms Thushara Anandakumar - Belief bias reasoning in the maintenance of delusional beliefs..
  • Dr Fabrice Bardy - Cortical auditory evoked responses to rapidly occurring acoustic stimuli using least-squares deconvolution..
  • Mr Hans Receveur - The role of semantic function in the transition from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's Disease..
  • Ms Alena Rahmanovic - Memory training for older adults with subjective memory complaints - a pilot study..
  • Mr David Rodwell - Memory in temporal lobe epilepsy - the impact of aetiology..