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Department of Cognitive Science

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Here you can find information on awards and recognition earned by centre members. This can be (but not limited to) media appearances, grants awarded, external appointments, awards and PhD graduations.

For information about grants awarded to MACCS, refer to our Research pages.

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  • Macquarie University Faculty of Human Sciences Visiting Research Fellowship (2016) "To assist with the costs associated with the proposed visit of Dr Michael McCloskey (Department of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University)." Schubert, T. ($6,000)


  • CCD Excellence in Research Student Award: Outstanding 2015 Publication (2016), Gelding, R. for Gelding, R.W., Thompson, W.F., & Johnson, B.W. (2015). "The pitch imagery arrow task: Effects of musical training, vividness and mental control." PloS ONE.
  • CCD Excellence in Research Student Award: Outstanding 2015 Publication (2016), Caruana, N. for Caruana, N., Brock, J., & Woolgar A. (2015). "A frontotemporoparietal network common to initiating and responding to joint attention bids." NeuroImage.
  • CCD Excellence in Research Student Award: Outstanding 2015 Publication (2016), Teichmann, L. for Teichmann, L., Nieuwenstein, M.R., & Rich, A.N. (2015). Red, green, blue equals 1, 2, 3: Digit-colour synesthetes can use structured digit information to boost recall of color sequences." Cognitive Neuroscience.

PhD Completions

  • Dr Amanda Selwood - Collaborative and autobiographical memory in strangers, friends, siblings and twins..
  • Dr Astrid Zeman - Computational modelling of visual illusions..
  • Dr Misia Temler - Social contagion of autobiographical memory..
  • Dr Danielle Colenbrander - Understanding the role of oral vocabulary in reading comprehension difficulties..
  • Dr Andy Etchell - Brain dynamics and sensorimotor integration associated with speech..
  • Dr Anne Jaeger - Meta-cognitive features associated with schizophrenic delusion in obsessive compulsive disorders with and without delusional ideation..
  • Dr Trudy Krajenbrink - The nature of acquired dysgraphia: Patterns of impairment and rehabilitation..
  • Dr Christopher McCarroll - Point of view in personal memory: A philosophical investigation..
  • Dr Anastasiia Romanova - Word class effects on representation and processing in non-brain-damaged speakers and people with aphasia..
  • Dr Vishnu Kaleeckal Krishnankutty Nair - Effect of bilingualism on cognitive-lingusitic abilities..
  • Dr Nathan Caruana - Brain mechanisms of attention and social cognition in autism..
  • Dr Yvette Kezilas - An investigation of letter-position encoding in beginning readers and its relationship to developmental dyslexia..
  • Mr Jordan Wehrman - Sequential effects on proactive inhibitory set points..
  • Ms Lina Teichmann - The temporal dynamics of serial recall in digit-colour synaesthetes..
  • Ms Samantha Parker - Examining the effect of attention on the early processes of visual word recognition..

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