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Department of Cognitive Science

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Here you can find information on awards and recognition earned by centre members. This can be (but not limited to) media appearances, grants awarded, external appointments, awards and PhD graduations.

For information about grants awarded to MACCS, refer to our Research pages.

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  • Macquarie University Faculty of Human Sciences Equipment Grant Scheme (2017) "Lumina 3G system for fMRI." Zopf, R. ($3,000)
  • Macquarie University Faculty of Human Sciences Perspectives Series Scheme (2017) "Funding to support a Faculty Perspectives Series on Human Science Methods of Studying the Self." Poonian, S. ($1,450)
  • Macquarie University Faculty of Human Sciences Visiting Research Fellowship Scheme (2017) "Funding to support a visit by Associate Professor Charles Stone of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York." Wang, H.-C. ($4,822)
  • Macquarie University Faculty of Human Sciences Public Speaker Scheme (2017) "Funding to support a Faculty of Human Sciences Public Lecture - Dr Tara Thiagarajan." Badcock, N. ($4,926)

PhD Completions

  • Dr Adam Bentvelzen - Effects of task and material on hemispheric laterlisation of nonverbal memory.
  • Dr Qandeel Hussain - Phonetic characterisation of a complex coronal system: Insights from Punjabi..
  • Dr Yanan Sun - Music and specific language impairment: From music processing to music intervention..
  • Dr Xuejing Lu - An investigation of spatial representations of pitch in individuals with congential amusia..
  • Dr Solène Hameau - Neighbourhood density effects in spoken word production..
  • Dr Tamara Schembri - Online acquisition of acirene arabic word stres patterns over time..
  • Dr Pragati Rao Mandikal Vasuki - Statistical learning and auditory processing in adults and children with music training: A behavioural and ERP study..
  • Ms Niina Tamura - Orthographic and semantic learning via reading..
  • Ms Lydia Barnes - Distinguishing confounds from true meditation effects: Insights from auditory ERPS..
  • Ms Marion Aitchison - Should I stay or should I go? Human studies of foraging for reward..
  • Ms Luan Li - How phonological decoding affects orthographic learning of Chinese characters..
  • Ms Di (Judy) Zhu - Inhibitory control in bilingual lexical selection..

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