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Department of Cognitive Science

Language Research Group

The Language Research Group within the Department of Cognitive Science showcases the collaborative effort of researchers investigating language processing and representation, including bilingual language. The Program has a particular focus on using cognitive neuropsychological methods to explore spoken and written word production, with studies conducted across three interrelated strands of investigation - each addressing a key research question:

  • THEORY: What are the processes underlying particular language functions? These studies develop and/or evaluate theories of language processing using evidence from both unimpaired and disordered language.
  • IMPAIRMENT: In what ways can these language processes be impaired? These studies investigate how linguistic processes are affected by language disorder during development or following brain injury.
  • TREATMENT: How do specific treatments affect particular impaired language processes? These studies investigate and evaluate the factors affecting treatment efficacy for language and communication disorders.

Members of the Language Resarch Group

Back row (left to right): Dr Teresa Schubert, Dr Trudy Krajenbrink, Dr Nora Fieder, Ms Oksana Lyalka, Ms Inga Hameister, Ms Solène Hameau.
Front row (left to right): Dr Shiree Heath, Ms Catherine Mason, Professor Lyndsey Nickels, Ms Ana Murteira, Ms Margaret Ryan.

The Language Research Group also has links with the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD), and in particular the CCD's Language Program.


Research Group Leader

Current Researchers

Current Students

Current External Associates

Current Collaborators

Current Alumni

  • Dr Danielle Colenbrander
  • Dr Vishnu Kaleeckal Krishnankutty Nair
  • Dr Yvette Kezilas
  • Dr Anastasiia Romanova
  • Dr Rimke Groenewold
  • Dr Vania de Aguiar
  • Dr Adria Rofes
  • Dr Leigh Fernandez

Contact Us

If you are interested in working in the lab as an intern, research assistant, honours student, PhD student or postdoctoral fellow, please email Professor Lyndsey Nickels, who will assist you with your enquiry.