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Department of Cognitive Science

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Here you can find information on awards and recognition earned by centre members. This can be (but not limited to) media appearances, grants awarded, external appointments, awards and PhD graduations.

For information about grants awarded to MACCS, refer to our Research pages.

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  • ARC CCD Neural Markers Training Scheme (2017) "The neural response to expectations about our own actions in healthy and schizophrenia populations." Poonian, S., Wardle, S., Sowman, P., Keys, R., & Langdon, R. ($5,673)
  • ARC CCD Neural Markers Training Scheme (2017) "Investigating word recognition with Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation using Emotiv and Neuroscan EEG." de Wit, B., Woolgar, A., Schubert, T., Wang, H.-C., Badcock, N., He, W., & Kinoshita, S. ($3,230)
  • ARC CCD Neural Markers Training Scheme (2017) "Investigating lexical representation using masked onset priming and electromagnetic articulography." Coltheart, M., Proctor, M., Cox, F., Forster, K., & Ratko, L. ($7,598)
  • ARC CCD Neural Markers Training Scheme (2017) "Decoding joint attention processes using interactive eye-tracking and multivoxel pattern analysis." Caruana, N., Woolgar, A., Seymour, K., Brock, J., McArthur, G., & Hardwick, K. ($17,478)
  • ARC CCD Student Exchange Scheme (2017) Teichmann, L. ($12,500)
  • ARC CCD Postdoc Exchange Scheme (2017) He, W. ($12,500)
  • ARC Discovery Project [DP170102407] (2017 - 2019) "Speech production in the developing brain." Johnson, B., Cheyne, D., & van Lieshout, P. ($338,000)
  • ARC Discovery Project [DP170101780] (2017 - 2019) "Why is monitoring for rare events so difficult and what can we do about it?" Rich, A., Woolgar, A., Wiggins, M., Wolfe, J., & Helton, W. ($397,500)
  • ARC Discovery Project [DP170101840] (2017 - 2019) "Improving inferences from brain imaging to understand selective attention." Woolgar, A., Rich, A., & Duncan, J. ($291,500)
  • ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award [DE170100915] (2017 - 2019) "Uncovering the dynamics of object selection from movement trajectories." Wang, Z. ($345,000)


  • Macquarie University, Vice-Chancellor's Award for Professional Staff, Collaboration and Connection (2016), Blumfield, R., Halbert, C., Heath, S., Schofield, L., & Yen, L.

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