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Department of Cognitive Science

Professor Steffen Moritz

DipPsych UHAM, PhD UHAM.

Adjunct Supervisor

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External Address

Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

I also have a profile at the ARC Centre for Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders.

Grants Awarded

  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [German Research Foundation] (2015 - 2018) "Metacognitive training for patients with psychosis." (€550,000) Brüne, M., & Moritz, S. ($852,500)

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • Balzan, R.P., Moritz, S., & Schneider, B. (In Press). Metacognitive training and metacognitive therapy: Targeting cognitive biases. In C. Cupitt (Ed.), CBT for Psychosis: Process-Orientated Therapies and the Third Wave. East Sussex: Routledge.
  • Balzan, R.P., Woodward, T.S., Menon, M., & Moritz, S. (2014). Non-pharmacological treatment targeting cognitive biases underlying delusions in schizophrenia: Metacognitive training and therapy. In N. Galbraith (Ed.), Aberrant Beliefs and Reasoning (pp. 154-170). Hove, UK: Psychology Press.
  • Woodward, T.S., Balzan, R.P., Menon, M., & Moritz, S. (2014). Metacognitive training and therapy: An individualised and group intervention for psychosis. In P.H. Lysaker, G. Dimaggio, & M. Brüne (Eds.), Social Cognition and Metacognition in Schizophrenia: Psychopathology and Treatment Approaches (pp. 179-189). Waltham, USA: Elsevier.


  • Balzan, R.P., & Moritz, S. (2017). Introduction to the special issue on cognition and delusions: Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 56, 1-3.
  • Menon, M., Balzan, R.P., Harper-Romeo, K., Kumar, D., Anderson, D., Moritz, S., & Woodwards, T.S. (2017). Psychosocial approaches in the treatment of psychosis. Clinical Schizophrenia & Related Psychoses, 11(3), 156-163. doi:10.3371/CSRP.MEBA.022015
  • Moritz, S., Goritz, A., Balzan, R.P., Kulagin, S., Gaweda, L., & Andreou, C. (2017). A new paradigm to measure probabilistic reasoning and a possible answer to the question why psychosis-prone individuals jump to conclusions. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 126(4), 406-415. doi:10.1037/abn0000262
  • Moritz, S., Ludtke, T., Pfuhl, G., Balzan, R., & Andreou, C. (In Press). Liberal acceptance as a cognitive mechanism in Psychosis: a 2-step-theory on the pathogenesis of positive symptoms in schizophrenia. Verhaltenstherapie. doi:10.1159/000464256
  • Moritz, S., Pfuhl, G., Ludtke, T., Menon, M., Balzan, R.P., & Andreou, C. (2017). A two-stage cognitive theory of the positive symptoms of psychosis: Highlighting the role of lowered decision thresholds. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 56, 12-20. doi:10.1016/j.jbtep.2016.07.004
  • Balzan, R.P., Woodward, T.S., Delfabbro, P., & Moritz, S. (2016). Overconfidence across the psychosis continuum: A calibration approach. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 21(6), 510-524. doi:10.1080/13546805.2016.1240072
  • Moritz, S., Balzan, R.P., Bohn, F., Veckenstedt, R., Kolbeck, K., Bierbrodt, J., & Dietrichkeit, M. (2016). Subjective versus objective cognition: Evidence for poor metacognitive monitoring in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research, 178(1-3), 74-79. doi:10.1016/j.schres.2016.08.021
  • Moritz, S., Werner, D., Menon, M., Balzan, R.P., & Woodward, T.S. (2016). Jumping to negative conclusions – a case of study-gathering bias?: A reply by the developers of metacognitive training (MCT) to the meta-analysis of van Oosterhout et al (2015). Psychological Medicine, 46(1), 59-61. doi:10.1017/S0033291715002068
  • Moritz, S., Woodward, T.S., & Balzan, R. (2016). Is metacognitive training for psychosis effective? Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, 16(2), 105-107. doi:10.1586/14737175.2016.1135737
  • Schneider, B.C., Brüne, M., Bohn, F., Veckenstedt, R., Kolbeck, K., Krieger, E., Englisch, S., Lee-Grimm, S.-I., Drommelschmidt, K., Eisenacher, S., Nagel, M., Zink, M. & Moritz, S. (2016). Investigating the efficacy of an individualised metacognitive therapy program (MCT+) for psychosis: study protocol of a multi-center randomized controlled trial. BMC Psychiatry, 16, 51. doi:10.1186/s12888-016-0756-2
  • Andreou, C., Schneider, B.C., Balzan, R.P., Luedecke, D., Roesch-Ely, D., & Moritz, S. (2015). Neurocognitive deficits are relevant for the jumping-to-conclusions bias, but not for delusions: A longitudinal study. Schizophrenia Research: Cognition, 2(1), 8-11. doi:10.1016/j.scog.2015.02.001
  • Moritz, S., Endlich, L., Mayer, H., Andreou, C., Ramdani, N., Petermann, F., & Balzan, R.P. (2015). The benefits of doubt: Cognitive bias correction training reduces hasty decision-making in schizophrenia. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 39(5), 627-635.
  • Moritz, S., Andreou, C., Schneider, B.C., Wittekind, C.E., Menon, M., Balzan, R.P., & Woodward, T.S. (2014). Sowing the seeds of doubt: A narrative review on metacognitive training in schizophrenia. Clinical Psychology Review, 34(4), 358-366. doi:10.1016/j.cpr.2014.04.004
  • Moritz, S., Veckenstedt, R., Andreou, C., Bohn, F., Hottenrott, B., Leighton, L., Kother, U., Woodward, T.S., Treszl, A., Menon, M., Schneider, B., Pfueller, U., & Roesch-Ely, D. (2014). Sustained and "sleeper" effects of group metacognitive training for schizophrenia: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA Psychiatry, 71(10), 1103-1111.
  • Sanford, N., Veckenstedt, R., Moritz, S., Balzan, R.P., & Woodward, T.S. (2014). Impaired integration of disambiguating evidence in delusional schizophrenia patients. Psychological Medicine, 44(13), 2729-2738. doi://10.1017/S0033291714000397
  • Moritz, S., Andreou, C., Klingberg, S., Thoering, T., & Peters, M.J.V. (2013). Assessment of subjective cognitive and emotional effects of antipsychotic drugs: Effect by defect? Neuropharmacology, 72, 179-186. doi:10.1016/j.neuropharm.2013.04.039
  • Moritz, S., Hottenrott, B., Jelinek, L., Brooks, A.M., & Scheurich, A. (2012). Effects of obsessive-compulsive symptoms on neuropsychological test performance: Complicating an already complicated story. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 26(1), 31-44. doi:10.1080/13854046.2011.639311
  • Moritz, S., Schilling, L., Hauschildt, M., Schroder, J., & Treszl, A. (2012). A randomized controlled trial of internet-based therapy in depression. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 50(7-8), 513-521. doi:10.1016/j.brat.2012.04.006

Conference Presentations, Colloquia, and other presentations

  • Jaeger, A., Langdon, R., & Moritz, S. (2011, August). A behavioral study of perceived responsibility in patients with obsessive compulsive disorder. Paper presented at the Australian Cognitive Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Research Forum (ACNCN), Sydney.

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