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Department of Cognitive Science

Hannah Rapaport

Hannah Rapaport

PhD student

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Department of Cognitive Science
Macquarie University

I also have a profile at the ARC Centre for Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders.


I commenced my Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) in 2015 at Macquarie University. Under the supervision of Dr Nicholas Badcock, my honours project will investigate language processing in individuals with specific reading impairment, often referred to as dyslexia.

I will be using functional Transcranial Doppler to examine the changes in blood-flow velocity in the two sides of the brain during easy and hard language tasks. The research will provide insights into the why dyslexia has been associated with processing language in areas of the brain that do not usually process language.

In 2014 I took on a research assistant appointment at Macquarie University with Dr Melanie Porter. In 2015 I will also assist Ms Yvette Kezilas with her Neuronauts School Holiday Research Programme data collection.

I currently work as an Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapist in an autism early intervention program developed by the Lizard Children’s Centre.

During my undergraduate studies I worked as a casual teacher at Rose Bay and Bellevue Hill primary schools. I have also volunteered at Autism Awareness Australia, WEAVE Youth & Community Services (Kool Kids Club), Early Ed, JewishCare and the 2014 Williams Syndrome Australia Conference.

Thesis Details

The development of predictive brain function in preschool children.

  • Scholarship : MQRES
  • Workload : full time
  • Supervisors : Associate Professor Paul Sowman, Professor Elizabeth (Liz) Pellicano and Dr Wei He

Media Engagement

Conference Presentations, Colloquia, and other presentations

  • Rapaport, H. (2017, November). The influence of the laboratory environment on the measurement of language lateralisation. Poster session presented at the 7th Australian Cognitive Neuroscience Society (ACNS) Conference, Adelaide.
  • Rapaport, H., & Badcock, N.A. (2017, November). The influence of the neuroimaging laboratory environment on the measurement of hemispheric language lateralisation. Poster session presented at the CCD Annual Workshop, Mercure Resort Hunter Valley Gardens.
  • Badcock, N.A., Groen, M., Rapaport, H., Pascoe, J., & McManus, I.C. (2016, November). How do you take your language lateralisation: Two lumps or three? Paper presented at the 6th Australian Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference (ACNS), Shoal Bay .
  • Badcock, N., Rapaport, H., Mulray, A., & Chekaluk, E. (2016, April). When language lateralisation is not related to reading ability. Paper presented at the 43rd Annual Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference (EPC), Melbourne.
  • Badcock, N.A., & Rapaport, H. (2015, May). Cerebral blood flow velocity with functional transcranial Doppler ultrasound. Paper presented at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders Stakeholders' Workshop, Sydney.

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