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Misia Temler

Misia Temler

Thesis Details

Autobiographical memory variability: Individual and social factors.

In forensic settings, police, lawyers and juries often assume that accurate memories of the past should not change over time. My project aims to measure how personality, social factors, and cultural factors can lead to variability in recall over time. This project is significant because it: (1) draws on and broadens current theoretical perspectives on memory, and (2) adapts the Social Contagion paradigm to measure memory distortion due to subtle "contagion" factors. The outcomes of my project will be new data and theory on the genuine baseline of distortion in autobiographical memory and the factors that contribute to it.

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : None
  • Supervisors : Professor Amanda Barnier, Professor John Sutton and Associate Professor Doris McIlwain (Macquarie University)