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Astrid Zeman

Astrid Zeman

Thesis Details

Computational modelling of visual illusions.

Illusions provide insight into how our brains process information. In my PhD, I analyse visual illusions in computational models that imitate how our brains process still images. The first half of my studies was on the Müller-Lyer illusion, where a line with arrowheads or arrowtails will appear shorter or longer respectively. I was able to demonstrate this illusion in a benchmark hierarchical model of the visual ventral stream, ruling out some existing explanations for the Müller-Lyer effect. I have further investigated how Müller-Lyer images are processed from layer to layer inside the model, quantifying the effect that simple and complex cell operations have on processing the illusion. I am currently working on the second half of my PhD, focusing on lightness illusions in a model based on image statistics. The lightness illusions work was done in collaboration with Assistant Professor Sennay Ghebreab at the Brain and Cognition Lab, the University of Amsterdam where I spent 6 months in 2013, sponsored by an Australian Government Endeavour award.

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : APA
  • Supervisors : Associate Professor Kevin Brooks (Macquarie University), Emeritus Professor Max Coltheart and Dr Oliver Obst (CSIRO)

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