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Department of Cognitive Science

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Katya Numbers

Katya Numbers

Thesis Details

The role of stereotypes in perceptions of memory in old age.

One common way that social sources are discounted centres on stereotypes of aging and perceptions of older adults' memorial abilities. Numerous examples exist in the literature of a general tendency to discount information believed to have come from an older adult, even if that information is mostly correct. Further, studies suggest that older adults often doubt their own memory abilities, which causes them to rely heavily on others' interpretations of a shared event. This becomes especially problematic when the other person with whom an older adult is recollecting an event is intentionally, or unintentionally, misleading. My research aims to clarify when and how stereotypes of aging influence memory performance in both older adults and younger adults. My thesis will consider how the adoption of false items from a partner is moderated by: (1) actual partner accuracy; (2) perceived partner age; (3) the interaction between partner accuracy and age; (4) metamemorial beliefs regarding others’, as well as of one’s own, memory abilities.

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : iMQRES
  • Supervisors : Professor Amanda Barnier, Dr Celia Harris and Associate Professor Michelle Meade