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Department of Cognitive Science

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Adam Bentvelzen

Adam Bentvelzen

Thesis Details

Effects of task and material on hemispheric lateralisation of nonverbal memory

My thesis involves exploring the role of the right hemisphere in memory, particularly within the medial temporal lobe (MTL) of the brain. Employing behavioural and neural (ERP/EEG, fMRI) measures to explore the role of the right hemisphere in healthy individuals, I seek to apply this research to those with right MTL dysfunction. I am specifically exploring the roles of the verbalisability of different "nonverbal" stimuli, and disentangling the roles of "early" (perception, attention) and "late" (memory, semantics) cognitive processes in left vs right brain asymmetries.

  • Type: Combined
  • Scholarship : APA
  • Supervisors : Professor Greg Savage