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Loes Koelewijn

Loes Koelewijn

Thesis Details

Balancing stimulus and goal-driven attentional demands: Investigating the role of gamma oscillations in human early visual cortex using magnetoencephalography.

In the complex environment we live in, we continuously need to direct our attention to focus on a current goal and ignore distractions. My thesis will focus on how directing our voluntary attention can enhance relevant information, while at the same time inhibiting irrelevant items in the visual field. In particular, it aims to further study the brain mechanisms underlying these processes using neuroimaging techniques such as MEG and fMRI. Part of the project will be done at Cardiff University, with the goal of investigating the methodology behind these very different techniques, and their application for the study of attentional selection and inhibition.

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : iMQRES
  • Supervisors : Associate Professor Anina Rich and Professor Krish Singh (Cardiff University)