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Peter de Lissa

Peter de Lissa

Thesis Details

Using fixation-related potentials to investigage cognitive processes

My research aims to track the changes in neural processes that occur when a reader assimilates new printed words into the orthographic lexicon through repeated exposure. To investigate this, I am using a newly developed technique that combines eye-tracking with electroencephalography to produce fixation-related potentials (FRPs). Unlike most neuroscientific methods, FRPs allow the measurement of brain responses to individual words when they are presented in whole sentences or paragraphs. This better suits the mechanics of reading, and so provides a more nuanced manipulation of the variables involved in reading.

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : MQRES
  • Supervisors : Associate Professor Genevieve McArthur, Dr Jon Brock and Professor Anne Castles


Peter is also a current member of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders. For more information on Peter's research please visit their CCD profile.

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