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Department of Cognitive Science

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Peng Zhou

Peng Zhou

Thesis Details

Interface conditions in child language: A view from Mandarin Chinese.

This project looks at how different levels of linguistic knowledge contribute to children's understanding of interface phenomena, like scope assignment, focus interpretation, etc. Specifically, this project explores three related questions concerning interface phenomena: (1) What's the nature of linguistic representations underlying children's understanding of interface phenomena? (2) To what extent do these representations differ from those of adults? (3) What development underlies the differences between children and adults? The answers to the three questions will help us understand children's mastery of the interfaces between different levels of linguistic knowledge, which is crucial for modelling our human language processing system.

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : MQRES
  • Supervisors : Professor Stephen Crain (internal), Associate Professor Rosalind Thornton (internal) and Professor C.-T. James Huang (external)

Peng is also a current member of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders. For more information on Peng's research please visit their CCD profile.