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Department of Cognitive Science

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Greg McLean

Greg McLean

Thesis Details

Perceptual and cognitive functions in dyslexia: A neural rate deficit?

My research explores various subtle sensory impairments believed to be implicated in reading difficulties and developmental dyslexia, specifically deficits in the magnocellular pathway of the visual system. This research proposes that a significant proportion of children and adults with reading difficulties have subtle deficits in aspects of magnocellular functioning associated with rapid rates of processing. It is further hypothesised that such a magnocellular rate deficit may reflect a more pervasive neural rate deficit in dyslexia, underlying poor performance on sensory input tasks, but also performance on higher-level processing speed tasks such as attentional dwell time, rapid naming, inspection time, and short term memory which have all been implicated in dyslexia.

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : MQRES
  • Supervisors : Professor Anne Castles (internal), Associate Professor Veronika Coltheart (internal), and Associate Professor Geoff Stuart (external)