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Department of Cognitive Science

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Catherine (Ellie) Wilson

Catherine (Ellie) Wilson

Thesis Details

Face recognition in developmental disorders.

Identifying individuals by their faces is an important skill for successful social interaction. My research focuses on how such a skill may be impaired in two groups of children, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and individuals with Developmental Prosopagnosia - a condition in which face recognition difficulties are experienced in isolation of other cognitive or perceptual abnormalities. A greater understanding of the nature of face recognition problems in autism may shed light on some of the social interaction and communication difficulties that characterize the disorder, and contribute towards more clearly defining subgroups within the autistic population. By investigating the two conditions in parallel, I hope to gain insight into what leads to impaired facial identity recognition, such as abnormal perception of faces, lack of interest or aversion to faces, and the contribution of genetic factors.

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : MQRES
  • Supervisors : Dr Jon Brock, Dr Romina Palermo, Professor Max Coltheart, Professor Mike Burton