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Tania Malouf

Tania Malouf

Thesis Details

Lack of insight after traumatic brain injury.

Lack of awareness of deficits (also known as unawareness) is a relatively common disorder affecting patients following an acquired brain injury (e.g. stroke or traumatic brain injury). While lack of awareness is most obvious when the patient displays the condition for a physical deficit (e.g. hemiplegia), it has also been reported for cognitive (e.g. speech), behavioural (e.g. personality change), and emotional (e.g. depression) impairments. Currently, most researchers have focussed on lack of awareness at a time quite remote from the brain injury (2 years or more post) and very little is known about the nature of unawareness in the acute stages after injury. The current study therefore aims to explore the nature of a patient's unawareness of deficits in the acute stages following brain injury, with particular regard to patients who display the condition for more than one deficit. Further, this study also aims to identify the neuropsychological impairments that may aid in early identification of those patients who may continue to show persistent lack of awareness.

  • Type: Combined
  • Scholarship : MQRES
  • Supervisors : Associate Professor Robyn Langdon, Professor Edwin (Arthur) Shores, (Macquarie University), Professor Max Coltheart and Dr Kasey Metcalf (Liverpool Hospital)

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