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Department of Cognitive Science

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Kasey Metcalf

Kasey Metcalf

Thesis Details

The origin and nature of confabulation: a cognitive neuropsychological perspective.

My PhD thesis is looking at the phenomenon of confabulation. The term confabulation can be defined as statements or actions that involve unintentional but obvious distortions of memory. The content of these statements or actions may be relatively mundane and plausible or they may be bizarre or fantastic. However, the exact definition of confabulation along with the reasons behind the phenomenon has been greatly debated. The study aims to investigate confabulation by examining the content of patients' confabulations over time. The study also aims to investigate the role that personality and neuropsychological factors may play in the content and the duration of these confabulations. My other interests include false memory paradigms and the influence of individual differences in this area.

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : APA
  • Supervisors : Max Coltheart, Sachiko Kinoshita (associate) and Arthur Shores (associate).