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Pamela Joy

Pamela Joy

Thesis Details

Gender, development and genetic influences on linguistic, spatial and executive functions.

There has been substantial research into gender and genetic differences in brain functions in children and adults. However, there has been little attempt to integrate findings across studies and age groups in order to understand the relationship between sex chromosomes, hormones and development. Investigations need to be able to integrate findings from children and adults and use these as a basis of understanding the impact of sex hormones on development. This is fundamental to understanding the differences in behaviour between the sexes as well as the mechanisms, which underlie conditions where there is a strong sex bias. This has important implications for establishing appropriate teaching, intervention and management strategies for both normal and clinical populations.

This investigation will provide a unique contribution to understanding the interaction between gender, development and brain function. It was designed to systemically examine gender differences in cognitive functions in adults and children and genetic differences in girls with Turner Syndrome and to address the following questions:
What is the nature of gender differences in cognitive functions in children and adults? What is the impact of development and hormones on cognitive performance? What is the nature of cognitive differences in Turner Syndrome and can they be fully accounted for by the absence of an X chromosome?

  • Type: PhD
  • Scholarship : Other
  • Supervisors : Professor Max Coltheart Dr Tim Bates Dr Betty Rapacholi

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