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Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson

Thesis Details

A re-examination of the case for two orthographic lexicons

In cognitive neuropsychology many models have arisen which attempt to explain various aspects of cognition. In the domain of language several areas have been extensively studied and modelled. These include word pronunciation in normal and irregular words and the formation of past tenses, both regular and irregular. One area that has not received as much attention as other aspects of language is adult spelling. I plan to review the models so far proposed in this area with a view to expanding upon them. Investigating documented cases of patients suffering dysgraphia (acquired spelling disorders) may provide valuable clues as to how such a model should be designed. As part of this work I will be looking to integrate the spelling module with other computational models that concentrate on different aspects of language. The end result will hopefully be a computational model that spans many aspects of language and includes both word perception and production.

  • Type:
  • Scholarship : RAACE
  • Supervisors : Professor Max Coltheart (internal), Associate Professor Lyndsey Nickels (internal) and Professor Michael McCloskey (external).