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Department of Cognitive Science

Department of Cognitive Science / MACCS Alumni

Number of students that have graduated from the department or MACCS since the year 2000: 206

Graduation Year
Thesis Title
2018 Dr Nikolas Williams PhD The role of executive control in collaborative recall.
2018 Dr Jasmina Vrankovic Combined New perspecrives on iconic memory.
2018 Dr Yu Li PhD Early neural dynamics of visual word recognition.
2018 Ms Tatiana Izmaylova Masters Prosodic processing in people who do and do not stutter: Evidence from pause perception.
2018 Dr Kate Hardwick PhD Is 'sexual' a sub-type of disgust, or is it a separate basic emotion?
2018 Dr Catherine Browning PhD Collaboration and prospective memory: Costs, benefits and helpful processes for strangers and intimate couples.
2018 Dr Benjamin Davies PhD Children's gradual acquisition of singular and plural.
2018 Dr Vana Webster PhD Collaborative memory: The role of closeness, cognitive need and strategies.
2018 Ms Andrea Salins Masters Orthographic facilitation of vocabulary learning in children with hearing loss.
2018 Dr Kelly Rombough PhD Investigation of syntactic knowledge in question structures in children with specific language impairment.
2018 Ms Hannah Rapaport Masters The influence of the laboratory environment on the measurement of language lateralisation.
2018 Dr Valerie (Yi) Pu PhD Human hippocampal theta and high-gamma oscillations in spatial encoding and consolidation in a virtual Morris water maze task.
2018 Mr McArthur Mingon Masters Moving memories: towards a cognitive ecology of the Maori haka.
2018 Mr Louis Klein Masters Retrieval-induced belief revision: memories, beliefs, and echo chambers.
2018 Dr Haiquan (David) Huang PhD Mandarin-speaking children's knowledge of entailments and inferences.
2018 Dr Ann Carrigan PhD Expertise in visual search of medical and non-medical images.
2018 Dr Cory Bill PhD Children take only some sentences literally: Investigating children's variable performance with scalar inferences.
2017 Dr Na Gao PhD The interpretation of sentences with disjunction by child and adult speakers of mandarin.
2017 Dr Sana-e-Zehra Haidry PhD Assessnebt of Dyslexia in the Urdu Language.
2017 Dr Stephanie Wong Combined The prefrontal cortex and episodic memory in dementia syndromes.
2017 Ms Leanne Ruggero Masters Quality of life in primary progressive aphasia: Characteristics, influences and implications.
2017 Dr Katya Numbers PhD The role of stereotypes in perceptions of memory in old age.
2017 Mr Luke Mills Masters Does neutral proportion modulate attentional control of task conflict in the stroop task.
2017 Mr Chris Hewitson Masters Investigating interlimb generalisation of Bayeisan sensorimotor learning.
2017 Dr Tijl Grootswagers PhD Beyond brain decoding: Methodological and empirical contributions to brain decding methods and their link to behaviour.
2017 Dr Polly Barr PhD The representation of homophones in monolingual and bilingual speakers.
2017 Dr Niina Tamura PhD Orthographic and semantic learning via reading.
2017 Mr Robert Keys Masters Multisensory temporal processing in own-body contexts: Do bodily-self cues affect visual-tactile temporal perception?
2017 Dr Adam Bentvelzen Combined Effects of task and material on hemispheric lateralisation of nonverbal memory
2017 Ms Lydia Barnes Masters Distinguishing confounds from true meditation effects: Insights from auditory ERPs.
2017 Ms Di (Judy) Zhu Masters Inhibitory control in bilingual lexical selection.
2017 Dr Yanan Sun PhD Shared cognitive resources for music and language: Evidence from congenital amusia.
2017 Ms Daniell Steinberg Masters Modulating the effects of visual masking by TMS to the occipital pole with top-down biasing by working memory.
2017 Dr Tamara Schembri PhD Online acquisition of Cairene Arabic word stress patterns over time.
2017 Dr Rui Qin PhD Neurophysiological studies of reading fluency.
2017 Dr Manjunath Narra PhD The time course of the conflict effect in bilinguals and monolinguals.
2017 Dr Pragati Rao Mandikal Vasuki PhD Statistical learning and auditory processing in adults and children with music training: A behavioural and ERP study.
2017 Dr Xuejing Lu PhD An investigation of spatial representations of pitch in individuals with congential amusia.
2017 Ms Luan Li Masters Phonological decoding in orthographic learning: Evidence from Chinese.
2017 Dr Jade Jackson PhD The role of frontoparietal cortices in feature-selection attention.
2017 Dr Qandeel Hussain PhD Phonetic characterisation of a complex coronal system: Insights from Punjabi.
2017 Dr SolŔne Hameau PhD Neighbourhood density effects in spoken word production.
2017 Dr Leigh Fernandez PhD Investigating word order processing using pupillometry and event-related potentials.
2017 Dr Seckin Arslan PhD Neurolinguistic and Psycholinguistic investigations on evidentialityin Turkish.
2017 Ms Marion Aitchison Masters Should I stay or should I go? Human studies of foraging for reward.
2016 Dr Leone Chare PhD Clinical predictors for underlying pathology in frontotemporal dementia.
2016 Dr Kimberly Weldon PhD The role of foveal cortex in extra-foveal perception.
2016 Ms Signy Wegener Masters Oral vocabulary knowledge and orthographic learning.
2016 Ms Ana Murteira Masters Taking action in hand: Effects of gesture observation on action-verb naming.
2016 Dr Sithembinkosi Dube PhD Neurophysiological processing of subject-verb agreement in L1 and L2 speakers of English.
2016 Dr Aline Cordonnier PhD Autobiographical thinking: Process of thinking about personal past and future events.
2016 Dr Hui Chen PhD Exploring the perception of phonemic vowel length contrasts: Evidence from infants and adults.
2016 Dr Leidy Castro-Meneses PhD Applying the stop signal task to speech: Neural and behavioural investigations of proactive and reactive inhibition.
2016 Dr Astrid Zeman PhD Computational modelling of visual illusions.
2016 Mr Jordan Wehrman Masters Sequential effects on proactive inhibitory set points.
2016 Dr Misia Temler PhD Autobiographical memory variability: Individual and social factors.
2016 Ms Lina Teichmann Masters The temporal dynamics of serial recall in digit-colour synaesthetes.
2016 Dr Huizhen (Joann) Tang PhD Dual representation of temporal modulations in human auditory cortex.
2016 Dr Amanda Selwood PhD Collaborative and autobiographical memory in strangers, friends, siblings and twins.
2016 Dr Robert Ross PhD Cognitive and evolutionary foundations of culture and belief.
2016 Ms Samantha Parker Masters Making moral decisions: Examining the interplay of automatic intuitions and controlled cognition during the resolution of moral dilemmas.
2016 Dr Kiri Mealings PhD An investigation into how the acoustics of open plan and enclosed classrooms affect speech perception for kindergarten children.
2016 Dr Christopher McCarroll PhD Point of view in personal memory: A philosophical investigation.
2016 Dr Trudy (Janna) Krajenbrink PhD The nature of acquired dysgraphia: patterns of impairment and rehabilitation.
2016 Dr Neha Khetrapal PhD Grammatical knowledge in children with autism.
2016 Dr Yvette Kezilas PhD Letter position processing in developing and skilled readers.
2016 Dr Vishnu Kaleeckal Krishnankutty Nair PhD Effect of bilingualism on cognitive-linguistic abilities.
2016 Dr Anne Jaeger PhD Delusional ideation associated with obsessive-compulsive symptoms.
2016 Ms Deanna Francis Masters The relationship between emotional health and children's reading ability.
2016 Dr Andy Etchell PhD Neuromagnetic beta band abnormalities in stuttering during the perception and production of rhythm.
2016 Dr Anastasiia Dockhorn-Romanova PhD Word class effects on representation and processing in non-brain-damaged speakers and people with aphasia.
2016 Dr Danielle Colenbrander PhD Understanding the role of oral vocabulary in reading comprehension difficulties.
2016 Dr Nathan Caruana PhD The cognitive and neural mechanisms of joint attention: A second person approach.
2016 Mr David Foxe Masters The neural correlates of verbal and visuospatial span in logopenic progressive aphasia and Alzheimer's disease.
2016 Dr Cliff Deyo DPsych Formal thought disorder in homeless young adults with elevated schizotypal traits: Dimensional structure and cognitive correlates.
2016 Mr Antonios Kaldas Masters Consciousness.
2016 Dr Mirko Farina PhD Plasticity, learning and cognition: An integrative approach to sensory substitution devices and embodied, enculturated skills.
2015 Ms Vanessa Zeleny Masters The "Fluency Flip": Verbal fluency as a predictor of progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's Disease.
2015 Mr Damith Woods Masters Intellectual functioning and memory performance: Its correlation with beta-amyloid deposition in dementia.
2015 Mr Luke Freeman Masters Cognitive reserve and MCI.
2015 Dr Samantha Leivers PhD Sperm competition in humans.
2015 Dr Marina Trakas PhD Personal memories.
2015 Dr Shelley Simpson DPsych A comparative neuropsychological evaluation of individuals aged >65 years who present with very-late-onset schizophrenia-like-psychosis, chronic schizophrenia and very late onset psychotic depression.
2015 Dr Xenia Schmalz PhD Methodological and theoretical issues in cross-linguistic reading research.
2015 Dr Vasfiye Geškin PhD The interpretation of logical connectors by monolingual and bilingual children.
2015 Dr Sally Finnie Combined The diagnostic potential of the olfactory stress test in Alzheimer's disease.
2015 Dr Emily Connaughton Combined The Capgras delusion: A cognitive neuropsychiatric approach.
2015 Dr Lisa Ceccherini PhD The effects of a concomitant distractor on word reading aloud and picture naming tasks.
2015 Dr Shasha An PhD The acquisition of constraints in child Mandarin.
2015 Dr Leslie van der Leer PhD The causes and consequences of systematic deviations from rational belief formation.
2015 Dr Ekaterina Tomas PhD Learning morphophonological alternations across languages and populations.
2015 Dr Shu Hui Yau PhD Cognitive and brain mechanisms of autism.
2015 Ms Beverley Witherington Masters Bimanual coordination and its role in social cognition.
2015 Dr Usha Sivaranjani Sista PhD A behavioural examination of the properties of the action observation system.
2015 Dr Monica Ricci PhD Learning and forgetting in patients with focal epilepsy.
2015 Dr Genevieve Quek Combined The role of attention in nonconscious processing: Comparing faces and non-faces.
2015 Dr Min (Maggie) Liao PhD Children's acquisition of "shenme" in Chinese.
2015 Dr Kate Hardwick Masters The neural correlates of moral aversion and physical disgust using biographical memory.
2015 Ms Shifali Diesen Masters Situation models: A framework to study reading comprehension.
2015 Dr Erin Banales PhD The causal relationship between poor verbal memory and poor word reading.
2015 Dr Shahd Al-Janabi PhD Constraints on attentional orienting by symbolic and abrupt onset cues as revealed through masking.
2015 Dr Benjamin B÷rschinger PhD Exploring issues in lexical acquisition using bayesian modeling.
2015 Dr Rimke Groenewold PhD Direct and indirect speech in aphasia: Studies of spoken discourse production and comprehension.
2015 Dr Laura Bos PhD The brain, verbs, and the past: Neurolinguistic studies on time reference.
2014 Ms Alyssa Dyball Honours Acoustic change complex as a measure of cross-linguistic speech perception.
2014 Dr Jennifer Walsh PhD Examining face processing mechanisms in autism spectrum disorder.
2014 Dr Likan Zhan PhD The interpretation of conditionals in natural language.
2014 Mr David Rodwell Masters Memory in temporal lobe epilepsy - the impact of aetiology.
2014 Mr Hans Receveur Masters The role of semantic function in the transition from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's Disease.
2014 Ms Alena Rahmanovic Masters Memory training for older adults with subjective memory complaints - a pilot study.
2014 Dr Wei He PhD Development of face processing in the human brain.
2014 Dr Nora Fieder PhD The representation of nouns in the mental lexicon: Evidence from brain-impaired and normal speakers.
2014 Dr Bianca de Wit PhD A fresh look on semantic priming effects.
2014 Dr Fabrice Bardy PhD Cortical auditory evoked responses to rapidly occurring acoustic stimuli using least-squares deconvolution.
2014 Ms Thushara Anandakumar Masters Belief bias reasoning in the maintenance of delusional beliefs.
2014 Dr Mark Vida PhD The development of sensitivity to the direction of gaze.
2014 Ms Meryn Lechowicz DPsych Remembering the past and constructing the future in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.
2014 Dr Michael Gascoigne Combined Long term memory in children with epilepsy.
2014 Ms Julia Pagnozzi Honours Age and gender categorization in unfamiliar faces.
2014 Dr Vince Polito PhD Sense of agency and hypnosis.
2014 Ms Kelly Miles Honours The licencing of codas in early speech: Evidence for the emergence of minimal words.
2014 Dr Lars Marstaller PhD Co-speech gestures and cognition.
2014 Ms Fleur Le Marne Masters The diagnostic utility and prognostic value of semantic memory measures in prodromal Alzheimer's Dementia.
2014 Dr Rocco Chiou PhD An investigation into the role of conceptual knowledge in cross-modality interactions
2014 Dr Marshall Dalton PhD Characterisation of episodic memory deficits in frontotemporal dementia.
2013 Ms Maree Tyson Honours Reading efficiency and the attentional blink.
2013 Ms Jessica Sailah Honours Reading ability and perceptual anchoring.
2013 Dr Stephen Pritchard PhD Incorporating learning mechanisms into the dual-route cascaded (DRC) model of reading aloud and word recognition.
2013 Dr Jonathan McGuire PhD Moral primacy, actions and omissions.
2013 Dr Tania Malouf Combined Lack of insight after traumatic brain injury.
2013 Dr Loes Koelewijn PhD Balancing stimulus and goal-driven attentional demands: Investigating the role of gamma oscillations in human early visual cortex using magnetoencephalography.
2013 Dr Aijun Huang PhD Acquisition of polarity-sensitive items in Mandarin Chinese.
2013 Dr Peter de Lissa PhD Using fixation-related potentials to investigage cognitive processes
2013 Dr Jamie Campbell DPsych Age and sex effects of typographical memory.
2013 Dr Fiona Kumfor PhD Emotion processing and its effects on cognition in frontotemporal dementia.
2013 Dr Neralie Wise PhD The Capgras delusion: An integrated approach.
2013 Ms Jessica Lewandowsky Honours The contribution of holistic coding and adaptive coding to individual differences in expression recognition ability.
2013 Dr Tracey Williams Combined Social processing in fragile X syndrome.
2013 Mr Jordan Taylor Masters Imagination, imagery, perception and the self.
2013 Dr Stephane Savanah PhD The threshold of self-consciousness.
2013 Dr Melanie Rosen PhD Philosophy of dreams.
2013 Dr Robyn Petersen DPsych Social cognition in borderline personality disorder
2013 Dr Vince Oxenham DPsych Eye movement abnormalities and dementia in Motor Neuron disease.
2013 Dr Tommy Ng PhD Neuromagnetic brain activity associated with the coordination of movement and anticipatory postural adjustments in bimanual load lifting.
2013 Dr Amanda Miller Amberber PhD Language switching, language selection and intervention in bilingual aphasia.
2013 Dr Michael Connors PhD Modelling the mirrored-self misidentification delusion with hypnosis.
2013 Dr Deepa Bapat DPsych Whole figure rotations in the Rey Complex Figure.
2013 Ms Jillian Attewell Masters Predictors of behavioural symptoms in Huntington's disease.
2013 Dr Nobu Akagi PhD Questions and disjunction in child language.
2013 Ms Jennifer (Jenn) Broeckhuijse Honours Sowing what you will reap: Intimate couples remembering together.
2012 Dr Sharpley Hsieh PhD Memories and feelings of music in the dementias.
2012 Dr Regine Zopf PhD Body representations and cues for body ownership: Neural processing and influences on perception and action.
2012 Dr Alex Wilson PhD Cognitive rehabilitation of attention deficits in people with traumatic brain injuries.
2012 Ms Kellie Williamson Masters Naturalising the group mind: The cognitive life of small groups and teams.
2012 Dr Hua-Chen Wang PhD How children learn to read: Dissecting the process of orthographic learning.
2012 Dr Anna Notley PhD The scope of logical expressions in child language.
2012 Dr Lincoln Colling PhD Predicting the action of other agents.
2012 Dr Samantha Baggott PhD The upside of anger: Attention and the processing of emotional facial expressions.
2012 Dr Bhuvanesh Awasthi PhD An investigation into visually guided reaching to low spatial frequency faces.
2012 Ms Katie Leach DPsych Does attention modulate face aftereffects in children with autism?
2012 Dr Marissa Calleja PhD Interactions between working memory and attention: An investigation of category-level effects and task demands.
2012 Dr Francesco-Alessio Ursini PhD The acquisition of directional PPs in Italian and English.
2012 Dr Yi (Esther) Su PhD Disjunction and downward entailment in child mandarin: An experimental investigation into the acquisition of semantic universals.
2012 Dr Yatin Mahajan PhD Maturation of event-related potentials across adolescence.
2012 Dr Zoe Fitzgerald DPsych The pathophysiology of accelerated long-term forgetting in epilepsy.
2012 Dr Elisabeth (Lisi) Beyersmann PhD Morphological processing in visual word recognition by children and adults.
2012 Dr Deborah Arguedas PhD Olfactory hallucinations in schizophrenia: A neuropsychological investigation
2011 Dr Davide Rivolta PhD Face processing in typical and congenitally prosopagnosic adults: Behavioural and neuroimaging investigations.
2011 Associate Professor Charlie Stone PhD From autobiographical memory to collective memory: An interdisciplinary study of individual and group cognition.
2011 Dr Varghese Peter PhD Neural processing of stress and phrase boundaries in speech and music.
2011 Associate Professor Peng Zhou PhD Interface conditions in child language: A view from Mandarin Chinese.
2011 Dr Catherine (Ellie) Wilson PhD Face recognition in developmental disorders.
2011 Dr Magda Dumitru PhD Cognitive properties of conjunctions and disjunctions.
2010 Dr Megan Willis The cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying facial expression recognition and social decision-making.
2010 Dr Greg McLean PhD Perceptual and cognitive functions in dyslexia: A neural rate deficit?
2009 Dr Ian Simpson A re-examination of the case for two orthographic lexicons
2009 Dr Petroula (Betty) Mousikou PhD Computational modelling of the masked priming effect.
2009 Dr Celia Harris Social influences on autobiographical memory.
2009 Dr Helen Dodd Anxiety and Phobias in Williams Syndrome
2009 Dr Glenn Carruthers A cognitive model of self-consciousness
2008 Dr Laura Schmalzl PhD Fractionating face perception in prosopagnosia.
2008 Dr Ralph Pridmore PhD Roles of complementary colours in colour perception.
2008 Dr Saskia Kohnen PhD Cognitive neuropsychological rehabilitation in childhood dysgraphia.
2007 Dr Akiko Onaka Acoustic and articulatory properties of intonation in Japanese
2007 Ms Lynn Li Lim Masters An investigation of the effects of multiple productions in the analysis of the speech productions of speakers with speech sound deficits
2007 Dr Britta Biedermann PhD Spoken word production in brain-impaired and normal speakers.
2006 Dr Jeanette McGregor PhD High rising tunes in Australian english.
2006 Dr Ilana Hepner Recent and remote memories
2006 Dr Catherine Hayes Disgust processing in Huntington's Disease
2005 Dr Lisa Yen PhD An electropalatographic and acoustic analysis of frequency effects in the lexicon
2005 Dr Viviana Wuthrich PhD Schizotypy: Heading towards schizophrenia.
2005 Associate Professor Melanie Porter PhD The cognitive neuropsychology of Williams Syndrome
2005 Dr Leila Overney PhD Motor imagery and biomechanical constraints.
2005 Dr Kasey Metcalf PhD The origin and nature of confabulation: a cognitive neuropsychological perspective.
2005 Professor Ryan McKay PhD 'Sleights of mind': Delusions and self-deception.
2005 Dr Wayne Levick PhD Developmental long-term memory deficits in a learning disorders clinic cohort.
2005 Dr Stacey Kuan PhD Visual consciousness & selective attention.
2005 Dr Laura Hughes PhD Visual attention and the parietal lobes.
2005 Dr Lainie Hart Sub-types of developmental reading difficulties: cognitive correlates and implications for remediation in surface dyslexia
2005 Dr Paul Dux PhD Searching through time: Target and distractor processing in rapid serial visual presentation.
2005 Dr Ruth Brunsdon PhD Cognitive neuropsychological rehabilitation and developmental disorders: A success story.
2004 Dr Zoe Evans Acoustic and articulatory consequences of hypo- and hyper-articulation.
2003 Dr Anna Woollams Interactions between semantics and phonology in visual word recognition and reading aloud
2003 Associate Professor Suncica (Sunny) Lah Memory in epilepsy: Thorugh ages and stages
2003 Dr Pamela Joy PhD Gender, development and genetic influences on linguistic, spatial and executive functions.
2001 Dr David Dufty PhD Representations of text.

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