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Department of Cognitive Science

Higher Degree Research in Cognitive Science

The Department of Cognitive Science offers exceptional learning opportunities for students interested in pursuing higher degree research in the cognitive and brain sciences. Two exciting research training pathways are available – the Master of Research (MRes) and the PhD. MRes students will gain core knowledge in their specific research area as well as the broader fields of cognitive and brain science. In addition, students will gain intensive research experience while pursuing individual research projects under the supervision of a member of the Department. Research projects are designed to permit flexibility. The innovative combination of advanced disciplinary coursework and structured research training offered during the 2-year MRes program makes the MRes the ideal pathway into the PhD in Cognitive Science. PhD supervision is provided across a wide range of domains of cognitive science including memory, language, perception in action, and reading. The Department of Cognitive Science boasts world-class researchers and state-of-the-art facilities, and the PhD program provides unparalleled access to both.

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Academic staff: List of eligible supervisors

If you are interested in applying to the Department of Cognitive Science, you should discuss a research proposal with one of these staff members before completing your application.

Name Position
Distinguished Professor Anne Castles Research Chair
Associate Professor Robyn Langdon ARC Future Fellow
Professor Genevieve McArthur Head of Department & Clinic Director
Professor Lyndsey Nickels Director of IDEALAB (MQ) and HDR Deputy Director
Professor Amanda Barnier Research Fellow
Associate Professor Matthew Finkbeiner HDR Chair
Professor Mark Williams Deputy HDR Chair
Associate Professor Anina Rich ARC Research Fellow
Dr Jon Brock Adjunct Supervisor
Associate Professor Blake Johnson International Coordinator and Research Fellow
Professor John Sutton MRes Deputy Advisor
Dr Kati Renvall Adjunct Supervisor
Professor Roelien Bastiaanse Adjunct Supervisor
Professor Barbara Höhle Adjunct Supervisor
Dr David Kaplan Learning and Teaching Director

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Who is Visiting

  • Professor Jason Hollowell
  • Dr Olena Nikolenko
  • Dr Lianzhong Zheng
  • Dr Emmanual Chemla
  • Associate Professor Sara Hart
  • Dr Dona Jayakody
  • Dr Erik Chang
  • Dr Nichola Burton
  • Dr Clare Sutherland
  • Dielle Horne
  • Dr Amy Dawel
  • Ellen Bothe
  • Samantha-Kaye Johnston
  • Dr Ryan Balzan
  • Dr Teresa Schubert
  • Jemma Collova
  • Derek Swe
  • Professor Stefan Schweinberger
  • Chloe Giffard
  • Kaitlyn Turbett
  • Dr Britta Biedermann
  • Jonathon Love
  • Professor Ingo Bojak
  • Professor Sylvain Baillet
  • Dr Christos Pliatsikas
  • Professor James Douglas Saddy
  • Professor Tom Johnstone
  • Professor Matthew Lambon-Ralph
  • Dr Sharon Savage
  • Dr Donna Rose Addis
  • [Previous Visitors]

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Fax : (02) 9850 6059
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