Spieler-Balota Reaction Times

This page can be used to compare model reaction times to human reaction times from the English Lexicon Project (ELP) database of reading-aloud RTs with monosyllabic words. For more information about the ELP consult

Spieler D. H., & Balota, D. A. (1997). Bringing computational models of word naming down to the item level. Psychological Science, 8, 411-416.


Balota, D. A., Yap, M. J., Cortese, M. J., Hutchison, K. I., Kessler, B., Loftis, B., Neely, J. H., Nelson, D. L., Simpson, G. B., & Treiman, R.(2007). The English Lexicon Project. Behavior Research Methods 39, 445-459.

Enter, or copy-and-paste, words and reaction times into the box below. Place each entry on a separate line.


tree 69
cat 67
dog 66
ace 75
cow 70
lead 71
plead 72

All entries should be in lowercase, except for proper names which should start with a capital letter.

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