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Department of Cognitive Science

Seminar Abstract

Face recognition beyond the mugshot.

Speaker : Dr Simone Favelle, School of Psychology, University of Wollongong.
Date : 27th of November 2017, 12:00PM until 1:00PM
Location : 3.14, South Psychology Building, The University of Western Australia.

    A great deal of research across many decades has gone into understanding how humans perceive and recognise faces. Despite debate over methodologies and the nature of underlying mechanisms, there is general agreement that there exist some hallmarks of face perception including the face inversion effect and holistic processing. But more often than not, face research has used static images of a faces from a front view with optimal lighting and a neutral expression (i.e., a mugshot) and we just do not always have this “best” view available. Faces move, observers move and lighting is rarely ideal. How does face recognition cope with these real world types of variations to the image? In this talk I will discuss this question and examine whether the processes and hallmarks associated with face perception are evident in views other than the mugshot.

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