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Department of Cognitive Science

Seminar Abstract

Advance MEG - Troubleshooting

Speaker : Elisabeth Magdas, CCD and Cognitive Science, Macquarie University.
Date : 21st of June 2017, 1:00PM until 3:30PM
Location : Australian Hearing Hub, Level 3, MEG lab, Macquarie University.

    Designed for current and past users of MEG, this interactive session will train researchers in how to diagnose and fix common issues that could appear when conducting a study with magnetoencephalography using the KIT system.

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    • Dr Mariia Kaliuzhna
    • Xiaohe Yuan
    • Associate Professor Douglas Cheyne
    • Dr Hamish Innes-Brown
    • Dr Danielle Colenbrander
    • Nick Gibb
    • Dr Jennifer Buckingham
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