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Department of Cognitive Science

9th Conference of the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science 2009
(ASCS 2009)

The 9th conference of the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science was held at Macquarie University, Sydney on Wednesday 30 September to Friday 2 October 2009.


Keynote Speakers:

  • Stephen Crain, Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie University
  • Jakob Hohwy, Philosophy, Monash University
  • Jason Mattingley, Psychology & Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland
  • Thomas Metzinger, Philosophy, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz; &
    Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin, Germany
  • Barbara Tversky, Psychology, Stanford University; & Columbia University, USA

The Australasian Society for Cognitive Science has held conferences roughly every two years since the inaugural event at the University of NSW in 1990. The 9th conference will be hosted by the Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science (MACCS).

ASCS09 Poster

ASCS09 Poster (Click for PDF)

Contact Details

ASCS ’09 Program Committee at Macquarie University

ASCS ’09 Advisory Committee

  • Sally Andrews (Psychology, Sydney)
  • David Chalmers (Philosophy, ANU)
  • Max Coltheart (MACCS, Macquarie)
  • Robert Dale (Computer Science, Macquarie)
  • Stephan Lewandowsky (Psychology, UWA)
  • Colin Masters (Mental Health Research Institute, Melbourne)
  • Jon Opie (Philosophy, Adelaide)
  • Peter Slezak (History & Philosophy of Science, UNSW)
  • Philip Smith (Psychology, Melbourne)
  • Kim Sterelny (Philosophy, ANU)
  • Kate Stevens (MARCS, UWS)
  • Janet Wiles (IT & Electrical Engineering, UQ)

ASCS ’09 Local Organizing Committee at MACCS

Further Information

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