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Department of Cognitive Science

Cognition in Action

The Cognition in Action Facility employs natural human movements such as reaching and grasping as measures in various tasks investigating cognitive processes. These sorts of movements can be quantified to yield continuous datasets that are useful to researchers in the study of human cognition. Continuous data potentially constitutes a much richer data source than discrete measures (i.e. reaction times captured on a button press task). Where discrete measures reflect the culmination of several stages of information processing, a continuous measure has the potential to reveal these processes as they unfold in real time. The goal of the lab is to harness these measures to further our understanding of aspects of cognition such as attention, subliminal processing and perceptual decision making.

Subject reaching for target stimuli

Subject reaching for a target on a touchscreen with finger position being mapped by an Optotrak Certus.

Information for Undergraduate Students

Real hand and imitation hand in an experimentUndergraduate students who are interested in Cognitive Research are encouraged to apply for the Cognitive Science Volunteer Internship Program. Volunteers attend the centre for around 7-10 hours per week to aid PhD students and Senior Researchers in participant recruitment, experimental testing and data analysis. The program is a great opportunity for students considering Honours to gain hands-on research experience in a variety of exciting Cognition fields. Interested applicants should forward their CV and current academic transcript to

Cognition in Action researchers also accept Psychology Honours students. Review the list of Cognition in Action researchers to learn more about their research interests.

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